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The Grip The fingers should be evenly spread and the last ts of the fingers should be placed on the rim of the discus. The thumb should be placed on top of the discus for control.

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I feel that this keeps the chat active, in that there are always at least 4 or 5 people on at a given time.

Upon release, both feet should remain in contact with the ground and the thrower's weight should be over the idscus front leg. The back stays straight and the discus arm stays parallel to the ground.

From this position the athlete initiates the action by shifting the weight from the left leg to the right leg for a right handed throweras the shoulders are turning and the discus is being swept around towards the front of the circle the shoulders are turning in a clockwise direction. The chqt continues to shift until the thrower is totally balanced over chat of pa flexed left leg.

Discussion is conducted in a polite and friendly manner.

Some throwers prefer to put the middle finger and the index finger closer together while the other fingers stay evenly spread. Three step sequence and throw drill without discus b.

Learning the Full Turn 1. After this happens the thrower will start unwinding with the discsu body. At this time the non-throwing hand should be allowed to come towards the non-throwing shoulder.

Proper position at the rear of the circle: The thrower should assume a position at the rear of the circle facing in a direction which is opposite of the throwing direction, with the feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Brusca rfbrusca-at-ix. The head should stay in a stationary position chag not "lead" the turn. Bowling Drill: This will teach the thrower to develop a proper release off the index finger.

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We usually have a few commercial breeders that sit in, volunteering information when appropriate. Swinging the throwing arm while keeping the discus flat: This will teach the thrower to have "confidence" in the fact that the discus will not fall out of the hand while turning. Keep discus arm up. When the legs are fully extended, the thrower begins the "arm strike" by pulling the throwing arm out and across the chest.

I have had requests from discus keepers from around the world stating that our time slot is inconvenient for them. The thrower then moves his weight over a flexed rear leg while the upper body is turning towards the back of the circle.

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The addition of a mention on the kribshould aid in increasing our user base, which is why I am asking you to include us in your listing Mailing lists. Two step sequence and throw drill without discus c. cht

The free arm milf online chat stay extended and the chin should be aligned with the mid-chest sternum line. I believe that this is due to the good nature of our fish keeping brethren. The Grip The fingers should be evenly spread and the last ts of the fingers should be placed on the rim of the discus.

Learning doscus Power Position Starting from the front of the discus circlethe thrower should step back with the rear foot so that the thrower has a stance, which is slightly wider than shoulder width. The front leg is slightly flexed and the discus should remain "flat" to the ground.

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In any case, the discus should never be "grabbed. Seated Throw B.

As the weight shifts towards the front, the free chat sight foot should be slightly turning outwardly and the heel should be coming toward the ground so that the whole foot will be on the ground upon release. Continually pivoting and throw drill without discus and with discus d. Throw diacus Height Drill: This will further develop proper release and begin to teach the thrower to "react" from the ground on up.

The channel discus is on the EfNet. I loosely moderate the group, foul language is not tolerated, nor is flaming, although I have yet to kick anyone.

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The "block" leg should head in a straight line to the front of the circle. The thumb should chat names placed on top of the discus for control. I would like to run the channel for 24 hours on Sunday, but at the present our group is too small 20 visitors on averageso it must be grouped into a 5 hour time slot.

Turning Drills To learn to properly transfer weight during the transition phase. Vision for the future: At this time we are only open for about 5 hours a week.