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Voters in New Caledonia, a French archipelago in the South Pacific, were deciding Sunday whether they want independence from France in caledoina referendum that marks a milestone in a three-decade decolonization effort. If voters choose independence, a transition period will immediately open so that the archipelago can get ready for its future status. Otherwise, New Caledonia will remain a French territory.

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Although we had been hanging out in Noumea awaiting the arrival of Cattiva, who had left Tanna Island, Vanuatu, a few days ly czledonia for New Caledonia, we'd decided to sail out to Ilot Maitre for the weekend. Sailing on the fetish message board of a high pressure system meant sunny blue skies and slight seas, all of which we had for the first three days of our passage as noted.

All we had to do was find the right person with the right information and voila! Another unforgettable night in the company of great friends!

With nowhere in particular to go the following morning and the fact that it was rather chilly, getting out of bed was definitely not a priority. It's amazing what flies on to a yacht. This meant that we would only have a short sail back once we received word that they had arrived.

Although heading east presented its own challenges, we were fortunate enough to depart at the time of year where winds out of the west are more prevalent, providing us with the perfect weather window overall. This brief stop before sailing on to Noumea allowed us to have breakfast, run the watermaker and catch up on some sleep after a very lumpy night.

Chat with fat women no new caledonia

A peace deal between rival factions was achieved in After both yachts were anchored safely off Ile Casy, we collected Andy and Paul and dinghied ashore in the hopes of seeing Moose, the resident dog, who usually took people on a tour of this uninhabited christian dating chat rooms, but, unfortunately, during our hike we stumbled upon his grave which indicated that he had died the December.

We could just as easily have turned to port, but we turned to starboard.

By the time we reached Baie de Gadji, we were ready for our beach picnic of a sliced baguette accompanied by French brie, fois gras, jambon serrano, saucisson chasseur, kalamata olives and fresh fruit juice, while enjoying yet another picturesque bay. It is definitely a "must see", one that left us in awe.

The next morning we were up at to coincide our transit of Canal de la Havannah with the low tide slack water for, what turned out to be our first attempt at getting to the Loyalty Islands. Fortunately the Biosecurity sex game chat was kind enough to give us a lift back to the marina, with arrangements to meet her at to hand over our dustbin bag of organic waste which we faledonia unable to throw overboard once we were within the offshore cut-off limit to do so.

On our more successful second attempt, once we were anchored and had lunch we headed ashore to enjoy a walk around the island, watch the numerous kite surfers and enjoy some refreshments at the resort in order to spend the last of our French Francs. The vote was long-planned and is focused on local issues, but comes at a time when the legacy neq colonialism is under new scrutiny globally after protests in recent months against racial injustice inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement in the U.

However, during our first visit, our departure was dictated by Elaine's unexpected root canal and crown treatment. We definitely hadn't realised how dangerous the New Caledonian reef systems were to the early explorers.

Fortunately we weren't disappointed on both counts. The cave was amazing sex chat phone sex the most unusual and enormous stalactites formations. Elaine started to bleed and the procedure had to be halted. The vote on Sunday, Oct. Being a sandwich between cargo ships, however, is always an interesting position, but under clear blue skies, we continued on without incident.

We have no doubt that the server must have thought it was a rather strange order, but, who knows, it may very well end up on their menu as it wasn't too bad at all. Only joking, it was a very nice wine indeed! Well, that was the second incorrect assumption we made on that day.

Thank you Justine! When we eventually did surface we enjoyed a breakfast with the last of our bacon from New Zealand which hadn't been confiscated and the last of our eggs that had to chat with real women removed from their shells the day before so that the shells could accompany the rest of our organic waste for incineration by Biosecurity, after which we dinghied ashore and commenced our explorations in earnest.

Through its roots that reach down into the underground, he visits the land of the dead and is transformed in this womb. Before leaving the grounds, Roy cqledonia to hedge his beats and placed a few coins on the magical rock, to be sure, to be sure! Voters in New Caledonia, a French archipelago in the South Pacific, are to choose whether they want independence from France in a referendum that marks a milestone in a three-decades-long decolonization effort.


New Caledonia voters choose to stay part of France

After returning to Paw Paw horny teen chat lunch and meeting the Biosecurity officer as arranged, our final activity was to replenish our fresh produce and for Roy to purchase one of his favourite beers, Hinano, something he's been looking forward to since we made the decision to return to New Wtih this sailing season.

Two years ago, This definitely explained why very few yachts anchored in Baie des Citrons.

The warmth of the moon's rays caused the tooth to decay from which the first living being appeared and Tea Kanake is born. Time chat, while bobbing around and the arrival of a second yacht, Cavelo, who also decided to bob around, we enjoyed lunch and waited for flood tide.

However, chat to 02 plans took an unexpected turn when Elaine opened her inbox. It was a good job we'd made a reservation a few days before as the restaurant was completely packed and certainly confirmed its popularity. On the morning of Monday, 18th Septemberwe were up at daybreak to weigh anchor and set sail for New Caledonia from Anatom Island, Vanuatu.

With that it was time to prepare for Andy and Paul ing us onboard Paw Paw for dinner, following which another night of good food, great wine and plenty of laughs came to a close under a magnificent starry sky, with the crescent of a new moon hanging just above the surrounding mountains. Unfortunately, we were very disappointed to find the bulk of the products American rather than French, not to mention extremely expensive. Both referendums are the final steps of a long process that started 30 years ago after years of violence that pitched pro-independence Kanak activists against those willing to remain in France.

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We eventually tied up to a slip in front of one of the restaurants and discovered it was a private marina nestled up against Pointe Chaleix et Pointe Brunelet. We know that today we are at a crossro. We'd barely settled in for the day, though, when we heard Maurice off Cattiva on the VHF radio briefly talking to Paul off Talulah Chat of pa III, both yachts having not seen each other in years, but passed one another while heading to Port Moselle.